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Social worker struck off for falsifying time sheets

A South Gloucestershire Council social worker has been struck off by the Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service for falsifying time sheets.

A conduct and competence committee hearing decided to remove Jane Rosalind Gordon from the social work register for having made bogus entries of her working hours which saw her paid an extra £3,468 to which she was not entitled.

She was employed by South Gloucestershire from 2001-17 as a care manager/social worker and later as a social work senior practitioner.

Ms Gordon’s misconduct was discovered when a manager noticed that was arriving late for work and leaving early but this was not reflected in her entries on the flex-time system.

The panel said it was given no evidence that Ms Gordon had demonstrated any insight or remediation of her misconduct and held the hearing in her absence after she indicated she would not engage with the process.

It said: “Given the serious nature of the misconduct which involved dishonesty over a prolonged period concerning a significant sum of money, the panel considered the matter too serious to take no action or for a caution order.”

Mark Smulian