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Coronavirus Act 2020 receives Royal Assent

The Coronavirus Act 2020, which contains a wide range of emergency measures as part of the government’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, has been given Royal Assent.

The Act contains provisions covering areas including:

  • Emergency registration of health professionals;
  • Temporary registration of social workers;
  • Emergency volunteers;
  • Mental health and mental capacity;
  • NHS and local authority care and support;
  • Protection of public health;
  • Powers relating to events, gatherings and premises;
  • Courts and tribunals: use of video and audio technology;
  • Postponement of elections, referendums, recall petitions and canvass;
  • Postponement of elections: Wales; Scotland;
  • Local authority meetings;
  • Business improvement districts;
  • Residential tenancies: protection from eviction;
  • Business tenancies: protection from forfeiture etc.

The Act can be viewed here.