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Curing a breach of the Public Sector Equality Duty in possession proceedings

Christian Grierson and Simon Kiely examine the impact of a High Court judge’s ruling on whether a breach of the public sector equality duty (PSED) can be cured in possession proceedings. Read more
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January 20, 2021

Boating company wins permission for judicial review over decision not to offer interim concession contract

A High Court judge has granted a company permission to bring judicial review proceedings in relation to a decision by The Royal Parks Limited (TRP) not to grant it an extension to a concession contract for the operation of boating facilities in Hyde Park, on…
January 20, 2021

Taxi drivers win High Court challenge over Streetspace plan

London’s taxi trade has hailed High Court rulings in which it won on four out of five grounds under which it challenged Mayor Sadiq Khan’s Streetspace plan.
January 20, 2021

Council not entitled to refuse to assess needs of Vietnamese woman on basis of preliminary age assessment by different authority, judge finds

A London borough was not entitled to refuse to assess the needs of young Vietnamese woman on the basis of a preliminary assessment of age carried out by another council, a Deputy High Court judge has ruled.
January 20, 2021

Former councillor at London borough jailed for electoral offences

A former councillor at the London Borough of Redbridge has been jailed for electoral offences and banned from holding elected office for five years.


January 15, 2021

Occupiers and a failure to warn

Emma Woods examines a High Court ruling on whether a council was under a duty to warn that a cricket match was taking place.
January 15, 2021

Changing safeguards for children in care: the Article 39 case

David Gregory looks at a powerful recent Court of Appeal judgment on the consultation undertaken by the Government on changes to the delivery of children's services during the pandemic.
January 15, 2021

Anticipatory deprivations of liberty and autonomy

Anna Dannreuther analyses a recent judgment that discussed anticipatory deprivation of liberty orders in the context of prospective loss of capacity and the tension between respecting a young person’s autonomy and protecting them from harm when making best interest decisions.
January 15, 2021

One more time - multiple planning permissions

Mark Child analyses a recent Court of Appeal judgment involving a national park authority and what it means for sites with multiple planning permissions and the practice of ‘drop-in’ permissions.
January 14, 2021

The halt on evictions (again)

Amy Kelly analyses the latest prohibition on enforcement of some possession orders in England and Wales.
January 13, 2021

PPN 11/20 and reserving contracts for local suppliers - a sting in the tail for local authorities

Local authorities should be wary of reserving contracts for local suppliers, as recommended by a recent Procurement Policy Note, writes Andrew Millross. Other contracting authorities may want to maximise their use of this guidance.
January 10, 2021

A Tale of Two Cities: Different approaches in residential s.78 appeals

Paul G Tucker QC compares the approach and outcome in two appeals with very similar characteristics which give rise to a very different outcome as a result of residential appeals determined at the end of last year.
January 08, 2021

Green Paper: transforming public procurement law

Peter Ware, Rachel Whitaker, Michael Mousdale and Louise Bennett examine the proposed changes to procurement law set out in the government's green paper.

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January 08, 2021

Limiting planning permission to that applied for

The Court of Appeal has confirmed that the use permitted must be limited to that applied for, write Saira Kabir Sheikh QC and Charles Streeten.
January 08, 2021

Covid-19 Regulations – the enforcement role of local authorities

Horatio Waller looks at defining the enforcement role of local authorities and best practice on ‘designating’ officers for enforcement purposes.
January 08, 2021

Remote meetings: planning for permanence

Ed Hammond looks at the benefits of remote meetings and the likelihood the arrangements facilitating them will be put on a permanent footing.
January 08, 2021

Insolvency influx – the upsurge of CVAs

James Nelson examines the rise in Company Voluntary Arrangements, analyses their impact on commercial leases and explains how landlords, including public bodies and local authorities, can respond.
January 08, 2021

When you lose an Article 4 direction

The Administrative Court recently upheld a conviction for failure to comply with an enforcement notice despite the council losing an Article 4 direction. Roderick Morton looks at the lessons to be learned.
January 07, 2021

Children’s Social Care Tracker

This tracker from LexisNexis is focused on children’s social care and is intended to be used to track key developments, legislation, guidance, parliamentary briefing notes and other sources of interest relating to coronavirus (COVID-19) and children’s social care, where relevant to local government lawyers.
January 07, 2021

Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018: Virtual workshop

Desmond Kilcoyne and Katherine Archer unpack the provisions in the Habitation Act 2018 and assess the significance of the new law.
January 06, 2021

Care and support for disabled and elderly people during ‘Lockdown 3’ in England – key legal considerations

Regulations introduced as part of the third national lockdown will have significant implications for people in need of care and support, their families and friends and professionals involved in their lives. Stephen Broach and Sian Davies analyse the current regulations.
January 06, 2021

Lockdown III: The Impact on Businesses

Gary Grant analyses the new regulations behind the government's latest national lockdown.
January 05, 2021

Local authorities and the Charter for Social Housing Residents

In a previous article on the social housing white paper – the Charter for Social Housing Residents, Scott Dorling considered the issue of stigma and the charter's ambitions (or potential lack there of) to tackle the stigma associated with social housing. He now examines the charter's specific impacts on local authority landlords.
January 04, 2021

NAHT calls for school closures: the right to education during the second wave of Covid-19

Khatija Hafesji considers the Department for Education’s latest school closure and mass testing decisions and their implications for the right to education.
January 04, 2021

Housing case law update - December 2020

Christopher Skinner, Sarah Christy and Ian Larkins round up the latest judgments affecting housing associations and local authorities.